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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Work At that time, do not delay

Work At that time, do not delay

One key to using time effectively is to appreciate the principal prisnsip as stated by Robert Fritz, author of "The Path of Lest Resistance".
He said "To do something at that time also the most important moment in your life".
How Fritz knew that doing something at that time also is important in each of our lives?
What does he mean by that statement?
What he meant is that every event in your life, especially to do something at that moment, you should be aware that it can only be done when it happened.
For example:
You can only enjoy eating only at mealtimes or outside working hours or after you complete your tasks.

Imagine the following:
You are hired on a project but you do silly things or divert your attention to other fields.
If you know that doing the work at that time also an important time in your life, then it is much easier for you to concentrate on your main job. Plan what you should do in that hour, that day, and so on.

☻ Tips
If you know that doing something at that moment is when the most important and then the next moment is when the next most important, so does the next and so on, then you will become wiser in using your time

Thedore Roosevelt said "Do what you can do, with the ability you have, wherever you are."

How you will get success if you do not start from where you are?

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A little time will be More Fun

A little time will be More Fun

Society around us say "Do more work, immediately, sign".
However, we can only do some work and focus in a matter of weeks, days or hours. Currently, rarely find the advice that says:
● Do less work
● Limit the types of jobs
● Try to be more selective

☻ Tips:
In order to keep control of your time, do not be too many things that consume time and attention

The things that take time and care is increasing, but our own lives is limited. Meningggal you someday, so do I, everyone surely die.
We expect to have long and happy life before he died. When at the end of the age, can we look back into the past and say that we have the time remember him, meditate, and enjoy it when things do not happen ?

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Understanding of time management

Understanding of time management

With this you will learn the essence of time, know more about common assumptions about time management, and develop a strategy that allows you to increase your personal productivity systematically.

1. Understanding the essence of Time

As you know, one day comprises 24 hours, there are 168 hours in a week. And sometimes feels very fast time goes by without us knowing it.

You do not have to learn in theory to know that time is relative.
When faced with a grace period, minute by minute was running faster than when you follow a boring lecture.
In the daily life of modern society's fast-paced, time seemed to pass less than 60 minutes.
When you spend an hour with old friends or with people who really want to meet, for example, looks as if you're short on time.

Why we are uncomfortable when the time pass quickly? .
Human Fisologi formed over tens of thousands of years. It takes very long to develop menjdi species as it is today.
Meanwhile, the activity is increasingly rapidly. In the work, you receive much more telephone, fax, email, and more people are knocking on the door of your office.
At home there are many activities that make it look like every hour passed quickly

☼ Attention:
The more work or activity that you're trying to do in a particular period of time seemed to pass quickly and become less and less likely to enjoy your time

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Tips on Time Management

Here are 100 tips on time management. Practice so that you can use it in everyday life. The more who do, the better your time management.Starting from where? Start as you understand them first. If anyone does not understand, please tell what number. God willing in the future I will discuss in a separate article.
1. Remember, everyone will die.
2. Polar fardlu devotions before another task.
3. Remember that only 24 per day, and can not be added.
4. Actually, your liability is more than your time. Decide your time to do your best.
5. Not forever "silence is golden". If talk is better, then talk. If the acting is better, then act.
6. Assess your time.
7. Treat time as a resource to be managed.
8. Measure your time.
9. Assess how much time you have to manage.
10. Negotiate to have more control over your work time.
11. Determine the pattern of the best work for yourself.
12. Controlling your tasks.
13. Have the freedom to balance your tasks.
14. Work with more speed.
15. Have a plan forward.
16. Balancing the demands on your time.
17. Do not work more than you need.
18. Try "while diving, drinking water"
19. Use the time to get results, not just abort the obligation.
20. Do something productive and fun every day.
21. Asked: "what is best done now?"
22. Identify time wasters.
23. Having a purpose in life.
24. Effective ...
25. ... And then efficiently.
26. Do not rush or too much work.
27. Perform daily tasks are varied.
28. Spend up to a quarter of your day on routine tasks.
29. Perform routine tasks in the shortest possible time.
30. Develop good habits.
31. Try to do routine tasks with different methods.
32. Utilizing a shortcut.
33. Prepare your materials in advance.
34. Tidy as you go.
35. Automation.
36. Identification of inhibitors work (bottle neck) and eliminate them.
37. Make easy work flow.
38. Use a system of "just-in-time" to minimize confusion.
39. Finish the same tasks at once.
40. Identify the quickest methods of work and then train everyone.
41. Know where the work can be speeded up and that can not.
42. Having a regular time slots for tasks.
43. Set aside time for maintenance tasks.
44. Do not take unnecessary documents.
45. Set up filing system (archiving).
46. Back up your computer regularly.
47. Delete files on a regular basis.
48. Keep your desk clean
49. Handle each piece of paper only once.
50. Eliminate junk mail and spam.
51. Phone rather than write.
52. Do nothing unless the copy is important.
53. Send a reply on the same sheet of paper.
54. Keep your communications short and sweet.
55. Manage your projects with an estimated time, cost and quality.
56. Run the project with a detailed time plan.
57. Add in 20% of the initial plan your project.
58. Having a detailed list of tasks for your project.
59. Create a series of deadlines for your projects.
60. Find the weak link in your project and have a back-up plan.
61. Streamline is a low priority in the project.
62. Stay ahead more than your project schedule.
63. Track and monitor the progress of your project.
64. Spend up to a quarter of your day on the job running.
65. Having a clear vision of your goals.
66. Align your goals with your values.
67. Write down your goals.
68. Plan your key result areas.
69. Create short-term goals with the SMART method.
70. Identify the job you hate and delegate.
71. Break down big jobs into smaller pieces.
72. Prioritize your tasks according to his interests.
73. If you are overwhelmed, write to-do list and prioritize.
74. Plan uses only 60% of your day, leave the rest to what appeared suddenly (unplanned).
75. Enter a great job in your diary in advance, then a minor.
76. Celebrate achieving your goals.
77. Spend up to a quarter of your day to perform tasks that are not routine.
78. Take time to sit and think.
79. Take care of your health.
80. Take time to enjoy and appreciate.
81. Current energy use.
82. Sometimes just doing what you want to do.
83. Take a break at least every 90 minutes.
84. Review on a daily or weekly.
85. Spend up to a quarter of your day with others.
86. Always show up for meetings on time.
87. Be polite and quick with others.
88. Only meetings that have clear objectives.
89. Let people know when you are not free (busy).
90. Minimize unnecessary interruptions.
91. Learn to say No to the work that is not yours.
92. Control your phone.
93. Filter all incoming calls.
94. The draft policy in the team time.
95. Keep a clock on the wall.
96. Train your concentration.
97. Practice skills related to your job everyday.
98. Understand Your personality relevant time.
99. Check if you have a tendency to work overtime? Fix, it's not a good sign.
100. Thankful for and enjoy your time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Difference Sales and Marketing

Difference Sales and Marketing
If asked "whether the sales and marketing that's different?" Most people will reply that these two things together. When in fact the two terms are very different. But people often misunderstood that the sales and marketing has the same meaning, which is selling the product.
Exactly is meant by marketing is a whole system of business activities aimed at product planning, pricing, promoting and distributing goods product that aims to satisfy consumers. While sales is an activity that only focus on selling products, and aims to increase product sales alone.
Of the presumption, it is clear that the marketing process is longer and more complex when compared with the sales process. In marketing strategy, there is a 4P and some even add up to 7P, which consists of product (product), price (the price), place (place), promotion (promotion), process (the process), people (people), Physical Evidence (evidence physical). While sales is only one part of the promotion (promotion), so it does not consider other factors that can support marketing.
The next difference in marketing strategy, the marketer or marketers always keep the brand image of product. So that consumers decide to buy a product because it already knows the product quality and brand image of the product. While the sales strategy is they do not attach importance to maintain the brand image of products, but most importantly they offer to the market by way of informing the excess products, so consumers are interested in and purchase products. And more interesting is the salesman never thought about whether consumers are satisfied or not, the important thing is the product sold and the company set sales targets are met.
Nevertheless, there are several companies that make sales as part of marketing, but still differentiate their work duties. If marketing is focused on planning a marketing strategy with appropriate products or 7P 4P part of the marketing mix, then sales will start working after the product is ready for market. So you could say marketing is a team that make up a marketing strategy, while the sales team is executing.
Another difference is the sales and marketing, the sales relationship with customers only until the process of buying or selling, after sales no longer responsible for maintaining good relations with consumers. While marketing and customer relations should be maintained from the start before the transaction, until after the transaction to maintain customer loyalty.
A company can not successfully win the competition if only rely on the sales market. And sales will not be created properly if not supported by a good marketing strategy. Any company can make sales, but not necessarily every company is able to plan a marketing strategy that is able to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. May be useful and successful greeting.

Define Your Target Now!

Define Your Target Now!
One classic question always came out of each new year arrives. "What is my target this year?"
If you already have the answer, that's good. Because, by having a clear target, you'll walk more confidently.
Maybe between us there is still disappointed with the goals that have not reached last year. But, this disappointment must be overcome. Time is very valuable because he can not play back. So, what good is protracted in disappointment?
Open your mind and your heart and remember, we still have a chance in the next year. Yes, a golden opportunity this year. Believe me this year, something extraordinary will happen and change your life, even the people around you.
This is also my belief instilled in me. Even long ago when I started to decide 'Yes! I will start and succeed in Internet business! "
Armed with a sense of optimism, perseverance, and hard work, one by one my goal is reached. I am sure, you certainly can do it more than me.
Say to yourself, "This year is my year!"
Refresh your mind, create new opportunities! Develop a new creativity in business. Leave the old strategy that is outdated and does not bring results, and begin to use new strategies. Be open to change!
If you have a goal, petakanlah! Organize by time period. There is a long-term, intermediate, and short-term, then run. But do not forget to get through it naturally. Do not get it precisely targets your handcuff. Do not let yourself be depressed because of many short-term targets are not met so worried about what he had failed to win the coveted. This danger!
The goal is simply bullet points or line markers. Less is more like traffic signs that will help you avoid getting lost or heading in the wrong direction. So, try to be more open and flexible. Seize every opportunity to help you towards a goal. Do the things that are realistic and if you can do.
Below there are some things you can ponder:
1. Let every event change your life. You must be willing to develop because you are the people who create and bring a change. Be open to experiences that you have previously experienced. You must be willing to learn from past experiences ...
2. The process is more important than results. If the result of controlling the process, we will only road in places. We will always be rooted to the spot we are now. Not evolve! Conversely, if the process of controlling the outcome, although we have not seen our goals, but we know for sure we will get there. Rest assured!
3. Start from wherever you are. Ignorance to start from where we do not often make the move. Take the initiative. Do it from wherever you are, right now!
So, define your goals and objectives this year. You are the guiding target. You're the center of your targets. Is you who control it, rather than binding targets you. And, never stops changing ... toward a better course ...
How about you? What is your target this year?

Today's Marketing Tips Prepare Some Options Strategies in the Offer

Today's Marketing Tips Prepare Some Options Strategies in the Offer
Once you try to convince prospects to buy your product, but in fact they still say "no". Prospects do not want to buy your product.
As a marketer or a great marketer, you certainly will not back away. The principle is the marketers topnotch "Rejection is the prospect of delayed purchases."
So what should be done?
Let's start with an example. Suppose you are trying to sell a piece of software. You say if the price is $ 10 million. The prospect was shook by the number of digits you say. He felt the price was too expensive.
What you need to immediately do next is to perform a balancing technique circumstances, that is to say the benefits are acquired. Mention the advantages of your product and say that the benefits that she can not nothing compared to the benefits he can
If it turns out he was still saying "no", you do not give up. Inhale first and it's time to step into option 2. Give the price according to the estimates limits the ability of prospects. Then come back to convey the benefits gained prospects.
Maybe then you'll see the prospect began to look interested in getting your product. When you see those signals, meaning he most likely ready to buy. Try to do the closing!
But if it's an offer you do not already received a positive response, time to move to option 3, which is trying to do the approach again based on their needs unmet. Suppose you could say: "I'll come back again and bring solutions that meet all the needs of the father / mother, including the price. About me there is a time when to meet again? Monday or Tuesday? "
Prospects will be happy with your approach to this. They still have a chance to meet these needs, and your job as a marketer is to bridge the needs of prospects with solutions that jitu.Tips above is an example implementation of marketing strategy of the street.
In the online business principle is actually not much different. Only difference in the online is more convenient because you do not have to run to and fro to meet prospects. Simply from the front of the computer, you can market products all over the world.

5 Tips To Increase Self Motivation Prima Stay in Business

5 Tips To Increase Self Motivation Prima Stay in Business
What happens if a person loses self-motivation, it is definitely going to impact on daily performance and the edges are coming whose name is lazy nature.
Everyone would have had such a case, but the important thing here is how do we minimize the Agat self motivation and excellent well maintained, especially in this case is the motivation internet business.
Internet business motivation may decline because of income coveted never came, still does not meet earnings expectations or conditions are not in the mood.
These things are naturally happened, but if it is allowed to drag on, of course, is also dangerous. So the best solution to improve self-motivation in order to remain vibrant in the Internet business is to:
# Expand the Reading
Reading can be a solution for those who lose motivation. Read books, articles, ebooks and reliable sources that might be increasing your desire to come back.
By reading will re-open your horizons mind, which had been so narrowly into the light. By reading the same as if you had gone away leaving your seat reading, resapilah, renungilah every word and sentence there and compare with your situation, then I'm sure you'll find yourself again.
# Rest
It could be your business motivation decreases because you are too busy with work, your goal is true both want the job done as quickly as possible, but if it is excessive and the activities you do are no longer productive so that the motivation that had been burned down bandwagon, of course it becomes ineffective.
So the best solution is to rest, forget about your job, out for a moment, take a vacation with family, get rid of all the existing loads in mind, relax and feel, then you will get out of the hustle and bustle that enslave you and eventually your stamina and motivation to re-prime .
# Mix with People to successful and Full of Motivation
Undeniably, who wants to be successful in a field, then get together with people who have been to successful in that field could be the answer.
Successful people like this usually brings an aura that can motivate others, create more value than others, becoming light in the midst of darkness and inspiration in every lunge does.
By hanging out with such people, will get you sprayed their authority, as well as a mirror for yourself why equally eat rice but can differ in individual quality.
# Berfikirlah Positive
What do you Think that will happen. It is unfortunate that much energy was drained just to take care of things that are not good for you, when we choose to live, if the output is negative thinking ... .. And if you think positive then the output is ....
Therefore, rather than thinking negative things, it is better to think positive things. Because that would be energy for us to keep motivated.
# Remember the goal
Low motivation of people who usually do not have a clear purpose in life, they act without having a clear direction and goals, a lot of free time is wasted.
Therefore, when you pursue an Internet business, you must have a purpose and a clear business systems. Why you should create a website, why should diligently to write, what to do with the income from internet business, why should do this, this and this, it must have a clear direction.
By having a clear goal, to minimize feeling lazy and motivation-motivation to achieve your goals.
Those are some tips from me for your internet business motivation remains vibrant. Furthermore, if you want to read the motivation business, floating away, success tips and life lessons ...
Hopefully helpful,

Two Time Management Tips For A Super Busy

Two Time Management Tips For A Super Busy
You feel so busy? Perhaps the two time management tips will help reduce your busy life. The flurry of work is something to be thankful for, meaning there is a land for you to make a living. However, do not let that deter you rush to find another opportunity, to do the things that you like, or make your life out of balance.
Here are two tips on time management that you can do to reduce your work without compromising the results.
Delegate tasks to others a simple routine.
Pilahlah simple tasks are time consuming and can be done by others. Why is this important? Because you will have more time and only used to doing something important. You can focus on building your vision, do things that can only be done by you, and do something really valuable.
This is very basic but very important. If you have money, hire people to do the housework, the fix, and even some of your other office work. Use their ability to fulfill your dreams.
But it must spend money to pay someone else? Of course. You need to count. For example a lot of work you can delegate and must pay the amount of Rp 1,000,000 per month. Then you will have more time loose. So when this loose use of the money which should result in greater than $ 1,000,000.
If it turns out, you instead nombok, meaning that your work is not really worth. Then use your spare time to add value to your work so it becomes more profitable. May need time. Let's just say the money you use to nombok as an investment for better results in the future.
Have a Plan
Start with the "end in mind" is a popular phrase and it is a very important subject. With careful planning, you will be able to manage your time better and avoid costly mistakes that even more time consuming you.
Can you imagine an archery competition where there is no target? How archer knows if he will hit something, or even just close?
You might say that you are so busy. You do not even have time to plan. That's usually a sign that you need to take time to plan more than others.
Your plan as a road map. Take enough time to ponder over the different approaches and activities, and you'll soon realize that you can save more time by doing this. Make sure you will reach the right target and check your plan from time to time to ensure you get off track.
Choose a quiet place to make your plan and let your mind focus on an important process.
Every individual has a unique perception of the plan are made. There are no special rules to make it. Here are some tips you can apply to your own system.
1. Write down your goals. This is the exact definition of your target.
2. Brainstorm (brainstorming) strategy & tactics you are going to do to achieve your goals.
3. Evaluation of excess & shortage of implementing the strategy and selecting the best tactics and strategies.
4. Set the time or deadline in completing your mission.
5. Making modifications & backup plan in case Plan A does not work.
6. Learning from the evolution of your plan. How do you plan works, whatever kelamahannya, what works and what does not work.
The most important part of planning is to take immediate action. Do not be too long on the plan. Plans do not need details, what is important you know the direction you would do.
Here are two tips on time management for you are super busy

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Management Is An Early Success

Time Management Is An Early Success
Basically everyone has the capital the same time, 24 hours a day. But why are some people who confess their activities "busy", but his schedule "not busy" others are far more solid and powerful. In the same timeframe, it could be two different people produce different outputs, both quantity and quality. Why?
Conditions that indicate that the presence of time management is essential in achieving a success. Because with good time management, all activities can be scheduled and everything is neatly resolved. What steps do I need to be done in time to set a good and effective? Let's discuss together with time management tips you can apply every day.
1. Start by making the priority scale.
When we pile up a task or job, 24 hours per day is not enough to complete all these tasks. To make a scale of priorities which is the most important job and should be resolved, and what work can be done later. That way all your targets can be resolved in time.
2. Learning discipline and not delay the work.
Allowing myself to be disciplined in doing all the work, encouraging us to get it right without delay. Because the longer we put off a job, the greater the sense of laziness that we build. This makes our work would just pile up, with nothing resolved completely. Because it builds self-discipline to be the first step for you to be able to run a successful time management is planned.
3. Make a schedule as a tool for time management.
One tool that can alert you with all the work to be done is your schedule. Try to have a schedule of planned daily activities, and make sure you include any work you must accomplish that day. So, you remember every job that must be resolved and can manage his time well.
4. Strive always to focus and accomplish all your work.
Doing more than one task at a time certainly will not produce optimum output. We better focus to finish one task first, and then we do the next task. This method helps you to work effectively, so that all your goals can be achieved in accordance with the target time.
5. Treasure every moment you spend.
Take advantage of every time you spend according to his needs. For example, during working hours, then use the energy and focus your mind to finish the job and your job. Likewise, during recess, appreciate and use them to refreshing your mind and rest for a moment. So at the time of entry hours of work, thought and effort you are ready to return to work optimally. By appreciating the time you have in accordance with its portion, then every hour that you pass will provide benefits to you.
Make sure none of your time is wasted, because time management is the beginning of a success. Hopefully the information business tips for this week can provide benefits for readers, good work and greetings successful

Time Management is Really Important to be Successfull

Time management is a skill that must be mastered and most desirable in the modern world this fast-paced. Time management is really very important to be successful, do everything you want, and achieve ultimate success.
Below are three tips on time management quick and easy to apply. Please read and apply, God willing, will get use it immediately.
Do these three tips below, now! Do not delay the time to learn time management.
Eliminate time wasters in your life.
Time wasters are the things that bother you. You spend the time to do it but there is no worthwhile benefit. And, you have the option to do so or not. Eliminate time wasters this is very important to your success in time management.
Time wasters in fact not just the jobs that bring no benefits. Any useful work, if done excess can turn into time wasters. For example:
• Email. If you spend more than 30 minutes per day in an email (unless that is your business) you spend too much!
• Phone. If you answer the phone live more than 5 times per day during your productive time (work, work at home, etc.) you sacrifice your time and efficiency management. When you answer the phone, you disrupt the flow of your productive and it kills your productivity.
• Television. It is useful for entertainment. But you should limit it to achieve full control over your time. My recommendation is 30 minutes per day, especially if you do not benefit at all.
Create a List of All Important In Your Life
Make a list of what is truly important in your life and you just do things on the list. One of the keys to time management is a priority: You really have to know what you want to accomplish and then perform actions that are only useful for your purposes. The world today has too many distractions and when you let it, it means you are sacrificing time management.
Follow the steps below:
• Make a list of what you want to achieve
• Set a time frame to complete each item
• Set each item in order of priority
• Create a plan to accomplish every goal you
You already have a list of actions that are important. The next step is to focus. There are two focuses that you should look.
• First: focus on the critical list before. Do not let you become distracted by jobs that are not important.
• Second: focus while doing your important work. The point is when you do one thing, then the action and your mind is just for one thing.
Here are three tips on time management that God willing, can double your ability in time management.
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