Time Management

"Excuse me, I'm busy this week and certainly could not come."

Such sentences may often be heard even with different shapes, but basically reveals a reason for the inability to match the time and activities undertaken.

Time managementt as an issue in which every human being that activism is required to be able to manage the time available. This understanding has become the pride of many people and even institutions that sell program time management as one of the curriculum in an academic achievements. Actually this is only a shallow understanding of thinking and decision making that is too fast in making a management concept. When we learn more in time really can not manage as it was already clear calculations. There are 24 hours a day, one hour 60min, and one minute there is 60 seconds. Then who yan can change it except the Almighty?

Time Management as an issue that refers to a definition that has been diipretasikan, instead of pure definition.

Settings apply to ourselves, whether we have the desire to perform activities and find out the extent to which emotions are involved in these activities. Manage here means understanding how we set up a stack of different activities in the priority scale of the existing time constraints.

A new understanding that will help us in understanding the true meaning of time management is control. Which is the following keywords.


Be careful in focusing on a job. Organize work and activities to be conducted to determine the alias fiqh priority depends on the strength of thinking globally and look at all the existing conditions. Avoid writing down all the jarus we do without seeing the condition is happening. This causes a lot priority will not be resolved completely or did not even implemented at all. Eventually you had to do one job and then move on to other work outside the order of priority that should be, and it clearly will not satisfy.


Set goals you want to achieve from a number of jobs that will be done. Do not be fooled by the desire for personal perfectionist. Perfectionism should be added after we successfully completed all the work that ad. Thus we will have no resentment against the lack of time for achieving quality targets that we want. Set goals, finish, fix and perfected in a matter of time past.


Remember and realize what negative energy that often bother us, either from outside or from within, especially from within and that both of them: D. Examples of negative energy is the friends who invite us to do something else. Knowingly or not we like it and mengenggapnya refreshing after doing something quite tiring.

The negative energy that we have must be facing us as possible by writing a point-p [oint what weakens us is neat. But be careful DO NOT DETAIL TOO because it will be a new trap because we are so deplete us more time to it.


Note the continued willingness of time to reach the target. This page will be very crucial to be able to determine the next step. Provide too little time to resolve the error condition that may occur. This would be easier if we already know the strengths and set clear targets. We can learn to be realistic namukn still have a big motivation for self-pumping capability. There are two types of clock which we understand is 'hours of reality' and 'hours of mind'. When the two hours they will not rattle the same time, there will be a gap that could lead to things we do not want.


The explanation of this part is actually easy, klo udah stuck in first job, rotation to the next option or choose a more enjoyable job as a refreshment. But not too often. Rotation needs to be done just to sort out your thoughts and let loose while the time away from work earlier. Let the first job didefrag first.


Note the weight of responsibility contained in each sequence of tasks. This has really set priorities. When responsibility in a very big task, then the rotation should be avoided. Too often indulge yourself by choosing a more pleasant work will form a personal 'can only be' responsible when it is convenient, if it will not appear Excuses, excuses.


Rate limits for every task we have set up, then insert it into the group assignment vibrantly. Thus you will be more motivated to do it because everyone was divided into a series of tasks with weights and a clear level of achievement.

More than that the turpentine is "beat yourself. Learn to do things that you do not like or that you can not do. That way you have given yourself the opportunity to achieve yan sensiri gdapat motivate yourself into a better direction.
Amazing Time Management Secrets

"Achievement of an achievement is an achievement in the decision to not succumb to ourselves"

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