Sunday, August 28, 2011

Understanding of time management

Understanding of time management

With this you will learn the essence of time, know more about common assumptions about time management, and develop a strategy that allows you to increase your personal productivity systematically.

1. Understanding the essence of Time

As you know, one day comprises 24 hours, there are 168 hours in a week. And sometimes feels very fast time goes by without us knowing it.

You do not have to learn in theory to know that time is relative.
When faced with a grace period, minute by minute was running faster than when you follow a boring lecture.
In the daily life of modern society's fast-paced, time seemed to pass less than 60 minutes.
When you spend an hour with old friends or with people who really want to meet, for example, looks as if you're short on time.

Why we are uncomfortable when the time pass quickly? .
Human Fisologi formed over tens of thousands of years. It takes very long to develop menjdi species as it is today.
Meanwhile, the activity is increasingly rapidly. In the work, you receive much more telephone, fax, email, and more people are knocking on the door of your office.
At home there are many activities that make it look like every hour passed quickly

☼ Attention:
The more work or activity that you're trying to do in a particular period of time seemed to pass quickly and become less and less likely to enjoy your time

continued on the post a little time would be more fun

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  1. A vital part of all organizations involves the theory of time management . Time management can be explained in many ways, but always involves prioritizing the way time is used. It often includes principles, plans and skills, and always aims at getting the most value out of the time you have.


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