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Tips on Time Management

Here are 100 tips on time management. Practice so that you can use it in everyday life. The more who do, the better your time management.Starting from where? Start as you understand them first. If anyone does not understand, please tell what number. God willing in the future I will discuss in a separate article.
1. Remember, everyone will die.
2. Polar fardlu devotions before another task.
3. Remember that only 24 per day, and can not be added.
4. Actually, your liability is more than your time. Decide your time to do your best.
5. Not forever "silence is golden". If talk is better, then talk. If the acting is better, then act.
6. Assess your time.
7. Treat time as a resource to be managed.
8. Measure your time.
9. Assess how much time you have to manage.
10. Negotiate to have more control over your work time.
11. Determine the pattern of the best work for yourself.
12. Controlling your tasks.
13. Have the freedom to balance your tasks.
14. Work with more speed.
15. Have a plan forward.
16. Balancing the demands on your time.
17. Do not work more than you need.
18. Try "while diving, drinking water"
19. Use the time to get results, not just abort the obligation.
20. Do something productive and fun every day.
21. Asked: "what is best done now?"
22. Identify time wasters.
23. Having a purpose in life.
24. Effective ...
25. ... And then efficiently.
26. Do not rush or too much work.
27. Perform daily tasks are varied.
28. Spend up to a quarter of your day on routine tasks.
29. Perform routine tasks in the shortest possible time.
30. Develop good habits.
31. Try to do routine tasks with different methods.
32. Utilizing a shortcut.
33. Prepare your materials in advance.
34. Tidy as you go.
35. Automation.
36. Identification of inhibitors work (bottle neck) and eliminate them.
37. Make easy work flow.
38. Use a system of "just-in-time" to minimize confusion.
39. Finish the same tasks at once.
40. Identify the quickest methods of work and then train everyone.
41. Know where the work can be speeded up and that can not.
42. Having a regular time slots for tasks.
43. Set aside time for maintenance tasks.
44. Do not take unnecessary documents.
45. Set up filing system (archiving).
46. Back up your computer regularly.
47. Delete files on a regular basis.
48. Keep your desk clean
49. Handle each piece of paper only once.
50. Eliminate junk mail and spam.
51. Phone rather than write.
52. Do nothing unless the copy is important.
53. Send a reply on the same sheet of paper.
54. Keep your communications short and sweet.
55. Manage your projects with an estimated time, cost and quality.
56. Run the project with a detailed time plan.
57. Add in 20% of the initial plan your project.
58. Having a detailed list of tasks for your project.
59. Create a series of deadlines for your projects.
60. Find the weak link in your project and have a back-up plan.
61. Streamline is a low priority in the project.
62. Stay ahead more than your project schedule.
63. Track and monitor the progress of your project.
64. Spend up to a quarter of your day on the job running.
65. Having a clear vision of your goals.
66. Align your goals with your values.
67. Write down your goals.
68. Plan your key result areas.
69. Create short-term goals with the SMART method.
70. Identify the job you hate and delegate.
71. Break down big jobs into smaller pieces.
72. Prioritize your tasks according to his interests.
73. If you are overwhelmed, write to-do list and prioritize.
74. Plan uses only 60% of your day, leave the rest to what appeared suddenly (unplanned).
75. Enter a great job in your diary in advance, then a minor.
76. Celebrate achieving your goals.
77. Spend up to a quarter of your day to perform tasks that are not routine.
78. Take time to sit and think.
79. Take care of your health.
80. Take time to enjoy and appreciate.
81. Current energy use.
82. Sometimes just doing what you want to do.
83. Take a break at least every 90 minutes.
84. Review on a daily or weekly.
85. Spend up to a quarter of your day with others.
86. Always show up for meetings on time.
87. Be polite and quick with others.
88. Only meetings that have clear objectives.
89. Let people know when you are not free (busy).
90. Minimize unnecessary interruptions.
91. Learn to say No to the work that is not yours.
92. Control your phone.
93. Filter all incoming calls.
94. The draft policy in the team time.
95. Keep a clock on the wall.
96. Train your concentration.
97. Practice skills related to your job everyday.
98. Understand Your personality relevant time.
99. Check if you have a tendency to work overtime? Fix, it's not a good sign.
100. Thankful for and enjoy your time.

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