Understanding of Backlinks
A backlink is a link that leads to your site that is attached to the web or other people's blogs. The more the number of backlinks to your site, then search engines will assume your site any more significant and qualified and will certainly earn a place high enough in the search results on Google, Ask, AOL,

But this will be different from yahoo and bing which has a different calculation of the three sites. Here we will find a way out together to increase our backlinks.

In general, how google assessing its core lies scattered on the number of links to websites or other directory-directory
Then how yahoo and bing to our site can be in the index by them?
In short, if you are active on the mailing lists yahoo and bing and active as automatic mailing your ranking will rise steadily. then how do it? Of course, by introducing your blog diligently and always include a link while on the mailing list. hm. . .

Then how do I get backlinks?

1. Exchange links with your friends blog / link exchange
2. Fill in comments on blogs that are do-follow
3. Submite your website manually to the various search engines
4. Buying links on sites was a high page-rank selling links
5. Promotion / advertising on various websites pay per click, advertising, etc. (google adwords, text-link-ads, etc.)
6. And there are many other ways.

Cara Membuat Kotak Link Exchange : Tutorial Blog

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