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Welcome to the Quick Guide series "Time Management".
This edition will provide a brief summary that you need to manage time effectively.

You will learn: how to set goals and recognize priorities, distinguish between the urgent and important, organize it better, handle correspondence, master the basic technology, minimizing interference and gain more time with the system of delegation.

You'll also learn how to minimize the influence of the delay, dare to say no, manage stress, met with efficient, more effective use traditional time in transit, and balancing your life

These are the things that you do not want: a long list of things you should do pliers, complicated procedures, and rigid rules that can not be applied in a situation that is always demanding a change.
You will learn the techniques of simple but effective way of controlling your time.
Such techniques can you apply to various situations that you experience.

Guidance is structured so that you can learn any discussion in the short money.

Regards successful
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