Friday, August 26, 2011

Difference Sales and Marketing

Difference Sales and Marketing
If asked "whether the sales and marketing that's different?" Most people will reply that these two things together. When in fact the two terms are very different. But people often misunderstood that the sales and marketing has the same meaning, which is selling the product.
Exactly is meant by marketing is a whole system of business activities aimed at product planning, pricing, promoting and distributing goods product that aims to satisfy consumers. While sales is an activity that only focus on selling products, and aims to increase product sales alone.
Of the presumption, it is clear that the marketing process is longer and more complex when compared with the sales process. In marketing strategy, there is a 4P and some even add up to 7P, which consists of product (product), price (the price), place (place), promotion (promotion), process (the process), people (people), Physical Evidence (evidence physical). While sales is only one part of the promotion (promotion), so it does not consider other factors that can support marketing.
The next difference in marketing strategy, the marketer or marketers always keep the brand image of product. So that consumers decide to buy a product because it already knows the product quality and brand image of the product. While the sales strategy is they do not attach importance to maintain the brand image of products, but most importantly they offer to the market by way of informing the excess products, so consumers are interested in and purchase products. And more interesting is the salesman never thought about whether consumers are satisfied or not, the important thing is the product sold and the company set sales targets are met.
Nevertheless, there are several companies that make sales as part of marketing, but still differentiate their work duties. If marketing is focused on planning a marketing strategy with appropriate products or 7P 4P part of the marketing mix, then sales will start working after the product is ready for market. So you could say marketing is a team that make up a marketing strategy, while the sales team is executing.
Another difference is the sales and marketing, the sales relationship with customers only until the process of buying or selling, after sales no longer responsible for maintaining good relations with consumers. While marketing and customer relations should be maintained from the start before the transaction, until after the transaction to maintain customer loyalty.
A company can not successfully win the competition if only rely on the sales market. And sales will not be created properly if not supported by a good marketing strategy. Any company can make sales, but not necessarily every company is able to plan a marketing strategy that is able to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. May be useful and successful greeting.
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