Sunday, August 28, 2011

A little time will be More Fun

A little time will be More Fun

Society around us say "Do more work, immediately, sign".
However, we can only do some work and focus in a matter of weeks, days or hours. Currently, rarely find the advice that says:
● Do less work
● Limit the types of jobs
● Try to be more selective

☻ Tips:
In order to keep control of your time, do not be too many things that consume time and attention

The things that take time and care is increasing, but our own lives is limited. Meningggal you someday, so do I, everyone surely die.
We expect to have long and happy life before he died. When at the end of the age, can we look back into the past and say that we have the time remember him, meditate, and enjoy it when things do not happen ?

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