Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time Management is Really Important to be Successfull

Time management is a skill that must be mastered and most desirable in the modern world this fast-paced. Time management is really very important to be successful, do everything you want, and achieve ultimate success.
Below are three tips on time management quick and easy to apply. Please read and apply, God willing, will get use it immediately.
Do these three tips below, now! Do not delay the time to learn time management.
Eliminate time wasters in your life.
Time wasters are the things that bother you. You spend the time to do it but there is no worthwhile benefit. And, you have the option to do so or not. Eliminate time wasters this is very important to your success in time management.
Time wasters in fact not just the jobs that bring no benefits. Any useful work, if done excess can turn into time wasters. For example:
• Email. If you spend more than 30 minutes per day in an email (unless that is your business) you spend too much!
• Phone. If you answer the phone live more than 5 times per day during your productive time (work, work at home, etc.) you sacrifice your time and efficiency management. When you answer the phone, you disrupt the flow of your productive and it kills your productivity.
• Television. It is useful for entertainment. But you should limit it to achieve full control over your time. My recommendation is 30 minutes per day, especially if you do not benefit at all.
Create a List of All Important In Your Life
Make a list of what is truly important in your life and you just do things on the list. One of the keys to time management is a priority: You really have to know what you want to accomplish and then perform actions that are only useful for your purposes. The world today has too many distractions and when you let it, it means you are sacrificing time management.
Follow the steps below:
• Make a list of what you want to achieve
• Set a time frame to complete each item
• Set each item in order of priority
• Create a plan to accomplish every goal you
You already have a list of actions that are important. The next step is to focus. There are two focuses that you should look.
• First: focus on the critical list before. Do not let you become distracted by jobs that are not important.
• Second: focus while doing your important work. The point is when you do one thing, then the action and your mind is just for one thing.
Here are three tips on time management that God willing, can double your ability in time management.
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