Sunday, September 4, 2011

Myths About Time Management

Myths About Time Management

Managing time is a goal worth the effort. Be careful because of the myths about effective time management can derail your efforts.
Time management, as we know, in principle put forward by Frederick Taylor and Frank Gilbert

☼ Simple Language
Study time and activity.
How to get greater productivity from employees is to closely supervise their work, their work activities and resources available

Hundreds of years ago, two men shocked the world of industry by introducing the method of time and work activities that allow the company to get higher productivity from their workers.
With either method, Taylor and Gilbert laid the foundations of modern time management techniques widely adopted by the executive.

But in recent years, many opinions that opposed Taylor's theory particularly strengthened. Some authors argue that Taylor taught us not to stop and smell the fragrant roses and had feared that the pressure is the pressure of time that everyone felt at this time.

☼ Attention:
More information appears on the face of the earth at any hour you can take compared to the rest of your life

In any case, the industrial era have more roles in the early information age. As in the present difficulty is that we all confront is too much information and many assumptions about what makes time management becomes more effective. Management of time is subjective, varying from one situation to another.

Several more important poekerjaan 25 times or more to handle, compared to other jobs. You need a system for a lot of things that never go into your desk, that never becomes your vision.

☼ Attention:
Every time you open a worksheet, articles, or documents that do not relate to what you are doing in your career or your life, then you could potentially add an excessive burden on all jobs that require time and attention, and make you feel faster time pass.

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