Friday, August 26, 2011

Two Time Management Tips For A Super Busy

Two Time Management Tips For A Super Busy
You feel so busy? Perhaps the two time management tips will help reduce your busy life. The flurry of work is something to be thankful for, meaning there is a land for you to make a living. However, do not let that deter you rush to find another opportunity, to do the things that you like, or make your life out of balance.
Here are two tips on time management that you can do to reduce your work without compromising the results.
Delegate tasks to others a simple routine.
Pilahlah simple tasks are time consuming and can be done by others. Why is this important? Because you will have more time and only used to doing something important. You can focus on building your vision, do things that can only be done by you, and do something really valuable.
This is very basic but very important. If you have money, hire people to do the housework, the fix, and even some of your other office work. Use their ability to fulfill your dreams.
But it must spend money to pay someone else? Of course. You need to count. For example a lot of work you can delegate and must pay the amount of Rp 1,000,000 per month. Then you will have more time loose. So when this loose use of the money which should result in greater than $ 1,000,000.
If it turns out, you instead nombok, meaning that your work is not really worth. Then use your spare time to add value to your work so it becomes more profitable. May need time. Let's just say the money you use to nombok as an investment for better results in the future.
Have a Plan
Start with the "end in mind" is a popular phrase and it is a very important subject. With careful planning, you will be able to manage your time better and avoid costly mistakes that even more time consuming you.
Can you imagine an archery competition where there is no target? How archer knows if he will hit something, or even just close?
You might say that you are so busy. You do not even have time to plan. That's usually a sign that you need to take time to plan more than others.
Your plan as a road map. Take enough time to ponder over the different approaches and activities, and you'll soon realize that you can save more time by doing this. Make sure you will reach the right target and check your plan from time to time to ensure you get off track.
Choose a quiet place to make your plan and let your mind focus on an important process.
Every individual has a unique perception of the plan are made. There are no special rules to make it. Here are some tips you can apply to your own system.
1. Write down your goals. This is the exact definition of your target.
2. Brainstorm (brainstorming) strategy & tactics you are going to do to achieve your goals.
3. Evaluation of excess & shortage of implementing the strategy and selecting the best tactics and strategies.
4. Set the time or deadline in completing your mission.
5. Making modifications & backup plan in case Plan A does not work.
6. Learning from the evolution of your plan. How do you plan works, whatever kelamahannya, what works and what does not work.
The most important part of planning is to take immediate action. Do not be too long on the plan. Plans do not need details, what is important you know the direction you would do.
Here are two tips on time management for you are super busy
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