Saturday, September 10, 2011

When Speed ​​Not Needed

When Speed ​​Not Needed

Another myth concerning time management is getting things done more quickly.
You see the advertisements in magazines that offer a quick way of reading, mendengaran, learn, and so on. However, the anthropological reality shows that we have a reason when we do certain activities.

When you perform bodily functions, such as eating or talking, faster than conditions usually fun for you, actually you've hurt yourself. For the short term you feel good with such treatment. But in the long run you will be prone to stress, anxiety, boils, acne and decreased immune

☻ Tips:
You need to move in steps that are convenient for you

If you feel the time pressure caused by the responsibilities and tasks you face, you must learn to develop an important resource to face the challenges of the job.
However, do not walk faster, talk faster, eat faster, and less sleep as an effort to be more productive

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